About Us


Established in 2002

Jeff Hansen has been clowning around for  most of his life in 1994 he started to perform for birthday parties as  he was attending high school while focusing on developing his stage  presents and technique. In 2002 Jeff took all his developed magic and  balloon twisting skills and crated the now known character of JubJub the  Clown. In the last 15 years Jeff Hansen a.k.a. JubJub the Clown has  just took an idea and created one of the best reputations in the  industry while performing for hundred’s of small family birthday parties  to many very large corporate, church and school events. JubJub the  Clown’s services now include a fun and amazing magic performance as well  as balloon twisting for children of all ages


JubJub  the Clown is an established professional entertainer with services that  include a 45 min magic show where he performs a wide range of magic  tricks ranging from a simple magic coloring book to an impressive live  dove popping out of a balloon. JubJub the Clown is also a master balloon  artist and can twist many fun and exciting balloon creations. 


JubJub’s prices depend on the event, amount of children and location.

(801) 403-1990


JubJub the Clowns Customers

Here are a few of our customers we have provided services for in the many years we have been in business.